Young Changemakers for Rural Development (YC4RD)

Working and/for young indigenous women


YC4RD version 2016 (young professionals cohort)


Project Goal

This project aims to enable and empower young women – both indigenous farmers and professionals – to shape more sustainable food systems by strengthen 35 young women from Lima region (25 undergraduate students from Metropolitan Lima area and 10 indigenous women farmers, under 25-year-old from Lima region) capacities in sustainable agriculture and rural development projects by providing them mentoring, training and seed capital for implementing a sustainable agriculture pilot project.


Injectables training in Chocna


Community Issue

Despite of the fact that this generation of 1.8 million of rural youth in Peru is the most educated and connected of the history, their vulnerability to unemployment and poverty is still much higher than their urban counterparts. 

Moreover, the lack of land access, higher education and rural extension services are promoting young women migration to urban areas, creating a progressive aging process in rural communities and impacting on national (and global) food security.

Young Changemakers for Rural Development (YC4RD) aims to inspire the new generation of both indigenous women farmers and women young professionals to commit themselves into the shaping of a more sustainable food system.

Project Description

Mentoring for 25 young professionals (development of the training modules): USD 700

Mentoring for 10 indigenous, young farmers: USD 1500

Pilot community development project: USD 1500

International forum: USD 1000

Other indirect costs: USD 700

Volunteer work: 1000 hours 







Leader Profile

Name: Natalia Virginia Lozano Broncales

Country: Peru

Thematic Area: Environmental issues

Host Organization: Rural Action

Project Summary

The lack of fair market access and extension services is pushing young, indigenous women away from agriculture and rural communities in Peru, increasing their vulnerability. This project aims to address this need by implementing a peer-to-peer learning, volunteering program for Young Women in Agriculture for Development (Ag4Dev), which focus on expanding rural extension services and access to fair markets, for young, indigenous, women farmers and mentoring for under 25-year-old young women professionals, interested in Ag4Dev, both groups from Lima region.

Lima's young, indigenous women farmers (Chocna, Huarochiri)


Project objectives

  • Mentoring 25 female young professionals (≤ 25 years old) from YC4RD alumni, to engage them as rural development professionals, by June 2019.
  • Mentoring at least 10 female beginning farmers (≤ 25 years old) from YC4RD project to reinforce their agroecological and marketing knowledge (through Peer to Peer Learning) by June 2019.
  • Organizing the International Forum “Youth inclusive sustainable agriculture and food systems” (including the experience of Rural Action), by June 2019
  • Expending products from YC4RD network of female beginning farmers, through the global section of Rural Action's online, ethical store, by June 2019.


Direct beneficiaries are going to be:

  • 10 young, indigenous, women farmers, under 25-year-old from rural communities in Lima region
  • 25 undergraduate or recent graduate women, from Lima region, with previous experience and interest in developing a career in Agriculture for Development (Ag4Dev)

Indirect beneficiaries are going to be:

  • 50 members from the rural community where the winner, pilot project would be implemented. 
  • YC4RD female, young, indigenous farmers who sell their products through Rural Action’s ethical store products.
  • Athens county families who will buy Rural Action’s ethical store products.
  • Indirect beneficiaries would be also impacted through the community work that young undergraduates are going to develop soon. 

Lima region



Cristina Turcu 16 October 2018, 12:29 PM

Dear Natalia, congratulation for the idea and the expected impact. It was very clear for me from the Community Issue section what are the problems to be addressed. Procuring seeds for beneficiaries is something that I call "touchable action". It's just not clear for me what "extension services" are - maybe you want to briefly explain. And just a minor correction for 4th objective: you probably mean June 2019 (not 2018). Good luck with raising funds for this project, which appears to be so necessary in the mentioned Lima region!

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